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Hau’oli la Pakoa! Happy Easter

Today is the feast of all feasts.  Christ the Lord is risen today, Alleluia!  The recently released movie “The Case for Christ,” is based upon a true story of a budding journalist who is an atheist.  He is faced with the fact that his wife comes to believe that there is a supreme being (God) who influences our daily events and the people we meet.  This journalist sets out to prove with research, proof and factual evidence that the RESURRECTION could not have taken place.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to witness, in fact, that the resurrection has truly taken place and why people are so willing to even surrender themselves totally to this belief. “Keep the Light of Christ always burning in your heart—for He is the Way to walk. He is the Life to live. He is the Love to love (Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta).

WE believe because Jesus witnessed God’s love in his daily interaction and service to the poor and those in need.  Because of this fact, HE also promises  the gift of eternal life for all who come to believe in HIM, for he is the LIGHT of the world.  Strive to be a beacon of light for others so that they may find their way to heaven, the Eternal Jerusalem.  Much blessings during this Season of Love.  Aloha ke akua.

Fr. Lane K. Akiona